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If you’ve been searching for a fantastic Hawaii Activity, look no further than the Kualoa Ranch ATV Tours. Kualoa Ranch ATV rides in Oahu are arranged by Oahu Activities Discount. Oahu ATV tours are fun for everyone! Oahu ATV tours at Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu provides some of the very best Hawaii ATV Tours. Kualoa Ranch ATV Tours offer a choice of either 1 and 2 Hour Oahu ATV Tours. Kualoa Ranch ATV Rides are exciting adventures for anyone at least 16 years old. Oahu ATV Tours are wonderful exploration and sightseeing escapes which are consistently among the most favorite Hawaii activities to do on Oahu. Hawaii ATV Tours are always popular and the tours offered by Kualoa Ranch ATV Ride have probably provided the most consistently popular ATV Tour adventure in Hawaii. Among the many Hawaii ATV Tours this particular tour has long been the most renowned ATV Tour on the island of Oahu. Kualoa Ranch Hawaii makes lots of land available for filming of the TV show “Lost”. A tour visit to this wonderful setting should be added whenever you plan Hawaii Trips. Hawaii ATV Tours and Oahu ATV Tours give visitors one one of the most exciting Hawaii activities! Make your arrangement for the always popular Kualoa Ranch ATV Tours as early as possible.

Kualoa Ranch ATV Rides

The renowned Kualoa Ranch Oahu is also referred to as Kualoa Ranch Hawaii. The ranch is the beautiful setting for Oahu ATV Tours on Hawaii Trips. Oahu Activities Discount present the Kualoa Ranch ATV Ride to visitors as the preferred selection among all of the Oahu ATV Tours. Kualoa Ranch Hawaii / Kualoa Ranch Oahu, arranges Hawaii ATV Tours for either 1 hour or 2 hours. Kualoa Ranch is the fantastic island mountain setting for your Hawaii Tours on ATV. Let Oahu Activities Discount save you money with your arrangements.

Hawaii ATV Tours

Choose any one of the exciting Hawaii ATV tours at Kualoa Ranch and count on having a wonderful time. Your experienced guides will escort you into the beautiful green Ka’a’awa Valley with its dramatic vistas of the wondrous Koolau mountain range with miles and miles of breathtaking Kualoa Ranch Oahu land available for your exploration!

1 Hour ATV Tour with Kualoa Ranch: A wonderful introduction to Ka’a’awa Valley and Kualoa Ranch Oahu.

*If you require transportation please read below:
Pick up for any tour time will be between 6:50 am and 7:30 am, or at 10:00 am. Return times available at 2:30 pm or 3:45 pm.

2 Hour ATV Tour with Kualoa Ranch: Takes you deeper into Kualoa Ranch in Oahu on their Oahu ATV Tours.

*If you require transportation please read below:
Pick up for the any tour time will be between 6:50 am and 7:30 am, or at 10:00 am. Return times available at 2:30 pm or 3:45 pm.

Single ATVs:

Riders must be at least 16 years old to participate.
Pricing is per person.

Raptor ATVs:

Raptors allow for a maximum of 5 riders including the driver!
Drivers must be 25 or older.
Passengers must be 7 or older.

Pricing is per person, please choose your driver pricing and then the number of passengers.

There are only 2 available per time slot (1 per group on the 1 hour tour) so please book in advance or they may not be available! If booking more than 1 per reservation please call to set up details.

Please note the times when you book, as there may be a waiting period when you are at the ranch.

Take the Kualoa Ranch ATV Tours to explore deeper and deeper into the Ka'a'awa Valley where wonderful Hollywood films such as Jurassic Park and others were made.

On your Kualoa Ranch ATV Rides you will see the settings for Hollywood films such as Jurassic Park, Wind Talkers, Pearl Harbor, and more. You will find yourself having a terrific time exploring in the safety and fun of your individual 4-wheeler. As your journey takes you on the return leg to the ranch you will experience truly amazing views of the sweeping landscapes of the ranch stretching to the fabulous Pacific Ocean! You can do all of these things on an Oahu ATV Tour at Kualoa Ranch! You are provided with a magnificent introduction to Kaa'awa Valley and Kualoa Ranch which also includes a free activity of your own choosing:

  • Select the Ranch & Movie Set Tour of genuine World War II bunkers and facilities, the biggest cattle ranch on Oahu, a wonderful recreation of an old Hawaiian village, and a variety of Hollywood movie sets and film locations OR
  • The Hawaiian Fishpond & Botanical Gardens Tour of waterside gardens , fields of tropical flowers, a magnificent 125-acre ancient Hawaiian fishpond, and the magic of Kualoa's Secret Island..

Both are incredibly exciting Hawaii activities for one of your very own, special Hawaii Trips. Whatever you do, don’t miss the wonder of the Oahu ATV Tours at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii.

Oahu Activities Discount Packages on Kualoa Ranch ATV Rides include:

  • A choice of either a 1-Hour or 2-Hour Oahu ATV Tours
  • 4-wheel vehicles on all Hawaii ATV Tours with special safety helmets
  • Experienced, expert and friendly and informative tour guides on all of the Kualoa Ranch ATV rides
  • Spectacular views at Kualoa Ranch Oahu on this magical Hawaii activity

To get to Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii From Waikiki and downtown Honolulu take the H-1 Freeway west to the Likelike (Highway 63) exit. Drive time from Waikiki to Kualoa Ranch ATV Tours is a 40 minute drive.

Let Oahu Activities Discount assist you in choosing which Kualoa Ranch ATV Ride is the best for you. Remember, there are two choices of Oahu ATV Tours: the one hour Hawaii ATV Tours and the two hour Hawaii ATV Tours. Kualoa Ranch Oahu or Kualoa Ranch Hawaii always keep safety uppermost in their planning and maintain a great safety record on their Oahu ATV Tours. If you are searching for fun and exciting things to do on your Hawaii trips, come along with us on a Kualoa Ranch ATV Ride and save time and money with Oahu Activities Discount.

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Where and When:
Kualoa Ranch is only 45 minutes from Waikiki. Take the H-1 Freeway west to the Likelike Highway, Route #63. Proceed up the Likelike Highway and through the Wilson Tunnel. Descend towards Kaneohe town and exit onto Kahekili Highway, Route #83, heading north. Continue along Kahekili Highway - note that the road becomes Kamehameha Highway as you pass the historic "Hygienic Store" in the village of Kahalu`u. In about 10 minutes you will see signs indicating you are approaching the Kualoa Ranch entrance which will be on your left as you round the curve past Mokoli`i Island (Chinaman's Hat).
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Visitors must be at least 16 years old to take advantage of this Hawaii activity on one of your Hawaii trips. Each excursion adventurer must be in good physical condition.
Single Rider ATVs:
Minimum age - 16
No pregnant riders
All participants must be in good physical condition

Raptor ATVs:
Minimum driver age - 25
Minimum rider age - 7
Maximum 5 guests per vehicle including the driver
No pregnant riders
All participants must be in good physical condition

All participants must wear covered (closed-toed) shoes, attend a safety briefing and sign a liability waiver. Long pants and sunscreen are recommended.
Special Notes:
Operation Days:
Operates daily, except 12/25 and 1/1
1-2 hours
Kualoa Ranch
Oahu ATV Tours use top-of-the-line Single ATVs and Raptor (5 person) ATVs
Total : $0.00


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