BOB Underwater Adventure

Bob's Hawaii Adventure - BOB Underwater Adventure in Oahu

BOB is a personal underwater scooter which lets you have special access to the undersea world as you sit on a seat underwater while your head remains comfortable inside a clear acrylic bubble filled with fresh air from a storage tank.  BOB is said to give participants a more comfortable underwater visit than is possible while breathing through a traditional regulator.

Oahu’s Breathing Observation Bubbles, BOBs for short, is among the most fun-filled and exciting adventures that anyone can plan as part of their Hawaii trips.  Be sure to schedule Bob Underwater Adventure as an important part of your Hawaii activities. Offered by Oahu Activities Discount you can plan and schedule your own ride on an underwater scooter which allows you to keep your head in a clear acrylic bubble with fresh air at all times.  BOBs allow you to have unprecedented views of Hawaii’s undersea environment and its rich variety of life. The BOB Underwater Adventure has become a great and popular Hawaii activity for one of your Hawaii trips.

When you arrive at the Koko Marina Shopping Center, the beginning of the BOB Underwater Adventure in Oahu as a guest  you will be escorted into the briefing room/souvenir shop conveniently located on the ground floor.  You will then be briefed on use of the BOB equipment for your very own BOB Underwater Adventure as part of your Hawaii activity. You will have effective and simple safety and breathing  instructions for approximately 30 minutes.  There is a changing room for BOB adventurers and complimentary coffee and hot tea are available for you.

After the beginning instruction, visitors then board a special shuttle vessel and sail out to Maunalua Bay. Participants then get a final briefing to be sure everyone is comfortable with the BOB equipment and the safe and secure diving procedures on the main vessel before any individual dives are begun.  There is one master diver for every three people on this wonderful and eye opening Oahu activity. When the BOB part is completed you are then free to swim or snorkel on your own in the lovely Maunalua Bay.

Length of the BOB Underwater Adventure: 3 hours (20 minutes underwater)

Novices can master the device and its controls during the activity’s training course which can be finished in just a few minutes.  The BOB, BOB Underwater Adventure in Oahu, is powered by a  35 lbs electric motor which allows a top speed of approximately 2.5 knots.

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Tour Highlights:

  • Fun ride on an underwater scooter
  • See plenty of tropical fish
  • Short ride on a shuttle vessel – great photo opportunities of Oahu’s scenic south shore

 BOB Hawaii Adventure
Where and When:
Check in no later than 8:15 am at the Koko Marina Shopping Center (Suite E111)
7192 Kalanianoale Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96825. View Map

Participants must be at least 10 years old
Must be 4'0" (122 cm) in height but less than 6' (182 cm)
Must have no medical conditions.
Weight limit: 270 lbs.
Special Notes:
Guests to provide own swimwear, cover-up clothing, towels & sun lotion.
Operation Days:
Tuesdays - Saturdays, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
approximately 2 hours
Bob's Hawaii Adventure
Submersible Scooter with a Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB)
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